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Quality Hotel Park

I juni 2021 avslutade vi ett spännande projekt - renoveringen av Quality Hotel Park i Södertälje. Quality Hotel Park är ett modernt konferenshotell som är centralt beläget i Södertälje med 207 bekväma hotellrum samt 11 konferenslokaler och en restaurang.


När Vape.se skulle öppna sin första butik i centrala Stockholm fick vi äran att få göra deras visioner till verklighet. Många gånger presenterar vi projekt inom HOREKA men är stolta över att visa vår mångsidighet genom detta projekt.

Caffé Nero Drottninggatan 86

Caffé Nero är en uppskattad kund som vi samarbetat med i flera projekt. Denna gången var det dags för en ny enhet mitt i centrala Stockholm på Drottninggatan 86.


How we can help your business

Starting your own business and becoming successful is a difficult task regardless of industry. You need more than just a good idea to succeed. A well-functioning business is a machine with several important gears, all of which must be taken care of. Do you need help developing or creating a concept for a restaurant or café?

Financing Solutions

Do you need to invest in new equipment, expand the business by changing premises or maybe you want to start a completely new company?

Machinery and equipment

With us you will find most things in bakery equipment, machines, cafe equipment etc.

Project planning

We help you with the moving parts. Having the right equipment and people in the right place and time is what makes a project run smoothly.

Turnkey contract

Turnkey contracting means that we take care of all the steps and details when you want to open your own restaurant. We take care of everything from planning before construction to on-site construction management.


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Service and support for café and restaurant appliances

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We are specialists in comprehensive concepts and are represented in Stockholm, Halmstad, Jönköping, and our customers are located all over Sweden! We have expertise in a number of areas, and our co-workers have extensive experience in running complex projects.


Development of concept restaurants

Starting your own business and becoming successful is a difficult task regardless of industry. You need more than just a good idea to succeed. A well-functioning business is a machine with several important gears, all of which must be well-oiled. Do you need help developing or creating a concept for a restaurant in Stockholm or Ystad? Contact us and we will help you, regardless of your geographical location. We are a café and restaurant consultant who supports you through the entire process with everything from developing a restaurant concept to machinery and interior design. We’ll provide you everything you need to succeed.

We have over 30 years of experience as concept developers to start new restaurants and develop existing businesses and their restaurant concepts. We can help you succeed with your investment in the restaurant industry regardless of whether you want to start a concept restaurant in Stockholm or a cozy café in Gothenburg.

We offer flexible comprehensive solutions where we help you from start to finish with:

  • Developing the concept for your restaurant business
  • Perform strategic planning for cafés and restaurants
  • Consultation regarding the interior and design of the premises
  • Kitchen equipment

We also offer support and service for restaurant machines and cafe equipment so that you can quickly get back on track if a machine breaks down or has a problem. We offer concept development for restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg and around all of Sweden.

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Concept development for restaurants

A restaurant concept can really be anything from an innovative and unique business idea to a well-proven business model. Opening an affordable lunch restaurant that only offers vegan food is a concept, as is opening a coffee shop that only offers juice and buns. Only the imagination sets limits for a concept idea. When we help you develop a concept for a restaurant or cafe, the process looks as following:

  • You tell us about your vision. Together, we determine the project’s conditions and possibilities and explore and identify which challenges exist.
  • We create a plan for how the concept development should be carried out based on your needs and budget. Note that your basic idea may need to change to be sustainable in the long run, to be competitive in your market and to be practically workable.
  • We carry out the plan in close connection with you so that you always have the opportunity to participate in and influence the concept development and have insight into our work throughout the process.
  • Concept development for restaurants aims to help you with the details as well as the whole. Regardless of whether you need help starting a brand new restaurant or developing an existing restaurant, we can assist you with the skills and tools for your success.

When we say we offer a comprehensive solution, we mean it. We can help you with everything from the financing for your new restaurant to renovating the kitchen, furnishings, machinery and much more. But we can still help with individual parts. You can, for example, leave the renovation entirely to us. In such cases, we take responsibility for construction planning and design, purchase and installation of equipment and all other details and elements. Under “Our Services”, you can read more about the different areas we can help you with. We’ll help you with the concept of your restaurant whether you’re located in Stockholm, Gothenburg or any other part of Sweden. Succeed more simply and smoothly with an overall concept from us at Panea!

More than just concept development for cafés and restaurants

We want more than to just help you start a restaurant, bakery or café. We want to help you create a long-term sustainable and successful restaurant concept that stands out from the crowd. Our goal is to help you establish a sustainable concept for a restaurant in Stockholm, Gothenburg or elsewhere that allows you to run a restaurant for many years to come. With Panea, you’ll get a restaurant consultant and a partner in all situations, regardless of how complex or large they are. Contact us for more information about our concept development or explore some examples of our established cafe, bakery and restaurant concepts in Stockholm, Gothenburg and the rest of Sweden here.