Sjöstaden Skybar

A ’70s-inspired interior concept

Sjöbaren Skybar is the perfect restaurant for those who want to combine miles-wide views with aromas from the charcoal grill and smokehouse. It offers flavours inspired by southern Europe, South and North America and the Middle East.

Panea’s mission

Our task was to deliver a finished product, from vision to real life. Manufacturing and developing the specially-designed interior by Gatun Arkitekter was really fun and tested our problem-solving skills. Now the restaurant’s ready and we’re very satisfied with the appearance of the custom-made bar and dining room chairs, sofas, tables, pendant light fixtures, wall fixtures, wall panels, toilet signs and more.

As well as having manufactured and produced the specially designed interior, we also delivered and installed all kitchen equipment, including the grill, smokehouse, stove, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. The kitchen appliances were installed in collaboration with Skanska Fastigheter Stockholm, the team behind the development of Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces.

We’re extremely happy and proud that we won the tender and had the opportunity to develop this unique and inspiring concept in collaboration with Gatun Arkitekter and the founder of Sjöstaden Skybar, Niklas Ahlbom.



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