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When you’re opening a new restaurant, we will handle the day-to-day project management so you can focus on the big picture. We will also ensure the practical and technical aspects are a success.


We can help you launch a new restaurant

Are you planning to open a restaurant? Our role is to manage the project, so that you can successfully deliver your vision. We take responsibility for all the practical elements, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. We take care of all of the details, large and small, of opening a restaurant. All that’s required is you share your vision and what you want to achieve, and we will take care of the rest.

Whether your project is simple or complex, we will ensure it is successfully completed, through our bespoke turnkey contracts. A turnkey contract is a “comprehensive solution”, where we take full responsibility for every aspect of planning and delivering your restaurant, from initial scoping through to supervising the construction and completion.

When we work together to open your restaurant, you can rely on our collaborative process where you maintain full control of the project. It’s your vision that we aim to deliver. When we work together, you don’t need to become trapped by the minutiae of the project. Instead, you can focus on your vision, and rely on our professional team to handle the details. We ensure that all our building contractors, suppliers and fitters are not only skilled and experienced, but also work together seamlessly. We manage the schedule, maintain quality control, take care of contractor meetings, keep within the budget and supervise the work on site. When opening a restaurant, making sure the project is well-run saves time, energy and ultimately money. We support you throughout the process, so you can look forward to the successful opening of your restaurant.

Here are the areas we can manage when you work with us:

  • Project management
  • Construction documentation
  • Coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting

Through our long experience with construction projects such as cafés, we can help you avoid the pitfalls that can occur. We can, for example, help you apply for any relevant permits, arrange for valuations, coordinate deliveries and fulfil any strategic business development needs. When we take on the responsibility of planning for your new restaurant, we will ensure that the right people are involved – people who complete the necessary tasks, on time. When it’s time to start the construction work, our experienced project managers will supervise the whole process, ensuring its success. We understand this is a major responsibility, as it’s a complex undertaking with many parts that need to work together, seamlessly.

With us, you can realise your restaurant dreams.

The beating heart of any successful restaurant is a great kitchen, and delivering this requires a thorough understanding of what’s needed. Not only do you need all the essentials, such as grease traps and ventilation, but also the design and construction of a successful restaurant kitchen must meet all of the regulatory standards. What separates a superb kitchen from one that ticks the boxes, is one where the design enables the kitchen staff to work quickly, efficiently and comfortably alongside one another. Designing and installing a smart and efficient restaurant kitchen is an art – one that we have been perfecting for many years. Not only do we design and deliver the fundamentals of a kitchen, but we can also help with the more thematic or style-orientated aspects, such as the interior design of the new restaurant. We are there to deliver every step of the creation of a new restaurant, fulfilling your vision and enabling you to concentrate on the bigger picture, and even enjoy the process.

Ett bord med 4 stolar i mitten av en restaurang - Modern restaurangdesign | Restaurangutrustning | Panea

We can also design the restaurant furnishings to match your vision

Opening a restaurant is a challenging, but enjoyable, task. As a first step, we sit down together and listen to your vision of the project, how you want your business to look and the type of customer you want to attract. By scoping out the development of your concept we create a vision statement that guides us in creating the restaurant interior. The goal is for every element of the interior, from the wall finishes to the furniture, to work together to deliver this vision. We have a wealth of skills and experience in restaurant design, developed over many years of successful projects. We are here to help you realise your dream of opening your own restaurant.

Contact Panea if you would like to learn more about how we can help.

Do not let your dreams gather dust, we can help make your new restaurant a reality. At Panea we will make sure that every step is completed successfully, so you don’t have to worry about missing something important. We have a wide range of experience in new restaurants, through which we have developed several different project models that you can choose from, or tailor to your needs. We also understand how difficult it can be to arrange a loan, which is why at Panea we also offer financing.

From the initial idea to cutting the tape on opening day, we are there to help you. So when you want to open your own restaurant – don’t hesitate! Contact Panea.


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Starting your own business and becoming successful is a difficult task regardless of industry. You need more than just a good idea to succeed. A well-functioning business is a machine with several important gears, all of which must be taken care of. Do you need help developing or creating a concept for a restaurant or café?

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Do you need to invest in new equipment, expand the business by changing premises or maybe you want to start a completely new company?

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We help you with the moving parts. Having the right equipment and people in the right place and time is what makes a project run smoothly.

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Turnkey contracting means that we take care of all the steps and details when you want to open your own restaurant. We take care of everything from planning before construction to on-site construction management.


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