Patisserie & bakery

Whether you’re looking for new bakery and patisserie appliances or building or renovating a bakery or patisserie, we can help you find the right solution. We always tailor our solutions to your needs, whether that involves advising, planning, helping choose the right equipment, installation, start-up, service or financing.


Bakery and patisserie appliances

We work with exclusively selected suppliers of bakery and patisserie appliances from around the world so you get the very best equipment for your bakery and patisserie. We always help you choose the bakery and patisserie equipment that’s best suited to your unique bakery. This applies whether you run a small neighbourhood bakery or a larger baked goods retailer. Our project managers have extensive experience and knowledge, meaning they can help you with everything you need, from planning and drawings to choosing equipment, financing and installation. When your bakery and patisserie appliances have been installed and business has started up, our service team takes care of all the technical care you need so you can feel happy with your choices. That way, you can focus on what you do best, producing and selling.

Choosing the right equipment is key to a successful concept

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve helped countless companies grow and become successful over the years, and we know what’s needed for a venture to be successful. Whether you run an industrial bakery, baked goods retailer and deliverer, in-store bakery or small café, we offer bakery and patisserie appliances and solutions specially adapted to your company’s needs. We’re a partner and sounding board for our customers, and by helping them find the right solutions and equipment, we seek to create shared growth. For us, there’s no project that’s too big or too small. We’re there for you, regardless of whether you want to order a small whisking machine or all the appliances for your bakery and patisserie, or need help with the planning of a brand new baked goods retailer with both a shop and serving area. Contact your nearest Panea salesperson and we’ll tell you more about how we can help with bakery and patisserie appliances.

Bakery and patisserie equipment are only part of the recipe for success

In order to succeed in your venture, you’ll need more than just help choosing the right bakery and patisserie appliances, although that’s of course key. It’s at least as important that the other parts of the business function well, too. Work schedules, routines, evening preparations for the morning shift, processes for making orders and receiving deliveries – these are some of the tasks that have less to do with bakery and patisserie equipment but that you also need to have in place. Running a business today is tough, regardless of whether you want to open a bakery, patisserie, café or restaurant. After all, you’re rarely alone in running a particular kind of business in your city, or even in your neighbourhood.

There are lots of things you can do to survive in today’s highly competitive market, from profiling your target group to developing a winning concept and finding good financing solutions.

We know what it takes to succeed, regardless whether you want to open a cosy café, a baked goods retailer or a patisserie that specialises in sweet treats. Whether you want help with the purchase of bakery and patisserie appliances or the management of the business, we’re close at hand.


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How we can help your business

Starting your own business and becoming successful is a difficult task regardless of industry. You need more than just a good idea to succeed. A well-functioning business is a machine with several important gears, all of which must be taken care of. Do you need help developing or creating a concept for a restaurant or café?

Financing Solutions

Do you need to invest in new equipment, expand the business by changing premises or maybe you want to start a completely new company?

Machinery and equipment

With us you will find most things in bakery equipment, machines, cafe equipment etc.

Project planning

We help you with the moving parts. Having the right equipment and people in the right place and time is what makes a project run smoothly.

Turnkey contract

Turnkey contracting means that we take care of all the steps and details when you want to open your own restaurant. We take care of everything from planning before construction to on-site construction management.


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